Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's Beginning

I received a package today from Spain. Perhaps the cart is in front of the horse on this one, but it's contents are gorgeous. Here's a picture:

This little contraption is a child seat attachment for Brompton folding bikes (mine is currently being built in London). A bicycle saddle is installed on the short, protruding post, and the child places his/her feet on the pegs (which fold up while not in use). The child then sits in front of the rider, holding onto the handlebars. One of the best parts of this tool is that it does not compromise the intricate fold of the Brompton. Click here to see how it works, here for the Spaniard's blog, and here for Portland, OR's Clever Cycles post.

Some more pics:

Front view with pegs down

Front view with pegs up

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